High One & Divine Essence
Temple Guard & High Guard

Brahman & Govinda & Holy Spirit

The sentinel of the High World.

As prayer is regarded the most essential
act to brin the godly intervention in someones life

As prayer is regarded the highest method
for it does not give surity without a certain source

As prayer is regarded the only method
solving feelings, worries and the lack of meaning

As prayer is regarded the answer to all
questions which arise in life, in society
and in reality.

As prayer is regarded a method
to by choice ask the gods to give their

As when people pray, they by attention
to the gods, receive attention of them.

As prayer is the method to attain
the status in life as respectfull
without the need of all kind of political

As prayer is the prime reason for
the gods to be visible on a planet.

As prayer, when being used as
silent prayer, trancends all
feelings, wishes, worries
to a higher stadium.

As prayer being silent prayer
is trancending life, lifeforce,
and the meaning of life into
the radiation choosen in prayer.

As prayer being silent prayer
is trancending the world,
by the godly intervention
in the scheme the gods decide.

As silent prayer gives the
mercy of the gods, as they
wish, and when they give their

As silent prayer is the main method
of all saints and angels when
in life, and in the phase allowing
to be used in life.

As silent prayer is without
evil intent, for all evil
is bound by language.

As silent prayer is without
damage, as without language
no one can give falsified meaning.

As silent prayer,
is the essence to build
the divine essence in the heart.
and to trancend the soul

Inida Temple of the High Guard

As the temple of this high guard names itself
as the action of silent prayer to be it
vital instrument to give spiritual light
to the world.

This temple which is inside of everyone
and can be attained at all times.

This temple which is attended
by the daily duty of being in
unity with the gods.

By silent prayer we make this
connection to the gods, the god we like
or we are devoted to.

By silent prayer, the gesture
of folded hands like used in prayer
but yet without saying or thinking

As this action of silent prayer
is as the temple in our heart
and is giving our intention to
become unified with this
divine principle.

The prayer of unity
or devotion is giving
its purpose just by doing.

As its unconditional prayer
it gives its reward in the
direction the gods wish for.

As the reward is not by human hand
and is not by the interference or
conditions of anyone outside us.

As this creates spiritual light
your character we will change
to a tranquil one, and you
will receive a blessing.

some notice the blessing after months
others after years,
but yet prayer is usefull

And as the sages tell,
every moment of prayer
lasts a thousand years.

The temple of inida
is the temple in your heart.

Monolith of time

As time is like a journey passing by,
not by moveing to another place
but by seeing the field of awareness
as a movie screen, on which everytig happens.

As time is like a journey,
as depicting reality as one field
one can say problems arise
and after a time drawn away
as with different causes.

As the time transgresses the soul
and teaches it in many ways.

As all beings have one essence
they think or feel as most important.

As fullfilling wishes is the most
common kind of living your life.

As the time evolves,
and after the largest period of life
one looks back, and have an opinion.

As one made mistakes, or is in remembrance
of a good or nice situation
one gets the wish to enjoy life again.

This seed of wishing a siutation again
is the source of the next life.
as sometimes painted by the in between time
of creating the birthsituation
of the next life.

As one sees that wishes do not give
the happiness, and one feels distaste
for life. a religion mostly gives its
mercy to this person.

As the journey of time,
before the end one alters destiny
to not fullfill wishes, but to seek
a higher goal.

As the monolith of time is found
when the eye of the moment is
from wishes to a goal placed
outside the person.

As to get a lifetask,
a call for a societal function
a period of serving the goal of humanity.

The monolith is the change
from the self, antroposofic,
to the greater good.

The change to the world,
to a system in the world,
or to a system in reality.
as the largest system is above all

As the monolith of time,
changes a person and broadens its view.
and grants wisdom to givde life
higher meaning.

As the period of being religious grows,
and trancends life to a next life.
If theoretically possible,
the name of the godheads,
grow from a small region,
to the larger region,
and from short time to longer.

As a saint lives a hundred years,
being in service from a saint
to an angel, to a godhead.
as to be ultimatelity in service
to the gods with everlasting life.

As to serve a godhead as large as the world
and his system to larger being of the universe.

As a simple example from the allmighty on earth
to the Allmighty in the universe.

The monolith of time is in its top
the prayer with folded hands, but
without expressing wishes,
without expressing words or names.

As its silent prayer,
and the gods are not adressed by names.

The monolith of Time
as the example of the temple guards
or thepanom.

The high race

As the temple guard is a symbol
of silent prayer and a spiritual guidance
of an unknown god, for its only a statue.

As we can tell the templeguard is
like the high guard or high one

As all gods and godesses share the
function to be adressed in prayer
and to give their support to
all their devoted ones.

As we know religions of the ancient
past as greek, as sanskrit, as egyptian.
and buddhism and taoism as well
the honoring of their forefathers.

as all religions have either books
of their gods or statues or other symbols
as all these gods, share the function of god
and goddess.

We cal all these gods together the high race,
as they share the function of a religion
and its practice by the adepts and devoted ones.

So we call it the high race,
as god Rama is at the high race,
as Krishna is at the high race,
as Brahma is at the high race
as well zeus and hera are at the high race,
as Christ and angel Michael are at the high race.
As well as odin and freya are at the high race.

This high race is called the high race,
as its not able to be measured by
any one outside their own mercy.

as all the gods can only be known
by their revelation, mostly asked by prayer.

As this high race, have all the gods
as functions of religion and faith.

Time Essence

As we all live in the moment as the prime
source of life and reality.

As some ask what is more important
the soul the spirit the mind
or any other power.

As some say, the mind is more
important as it holds the key
to self choosen lifepaths.

As they say the mind is
able to picture anything you like
and the difference
to persuit goals above reality.

As they say, the mind is
above matter as one is
by will no fully depending.

As the soul is in reality
and called the heart and soul connection.
some say, by heart one does not depend
on effort or the act of maintaining.

As the heart and soul is being guided
by the force in reality.
as one asks this path is better than that one.

But as one has the process of inquiry
and the metaphor of the mountain path
even when a path is more easier
sometimes reality grants another
with the explanation
that the easier path holds obstructions
like a stone fall blocking the path.

As in that metaphore one tells
then the guided path in reality
is better even when not
being understood.

In the eye of wisdom
the heart and soil is more important
because without effort choosing the
best path.

In the eye of wisdom
all thoughts lead to experiencing
either their goal, or being led
to its fullfillment.

As in bad of hart times one
cannot loose thinking about it,
the so called benefit of thinking
is countered by the suffering in it
when fate changes.

therefore the benefit of thinking
is countered in bad times.

As one tells about the mind
and thinking, its bound to a
kind of benefit. as one looses
the bond of benefit one
is able to step in the moment
of reality.

As benefit is understood not to
give the peace and serenity
one is able to abject it.

Therefore reality is more
important than thinking.

Eastern Coast

As i walked along the coast of time.

Waves of wisdom Waves of virtue past by

Waves of crystal and Waves of light to see.

As i walked along the line of life,
i saw the line in all colors.
as i admired the light and feared the dark

As i walked along
the waves along the shores
were made of light

As i found crystals and gold
and found may people alike.

As some were beautifull and
tempting to take, i learned
to respect the choice the Creator gave.

As some were full of love and
i learned to love unconditionaly back.

I walked along the line
waited for the true love to seek
waited for the true love
as from the ocean to the shores to take.

As the waves of time overtook
i learned to surrender.
no conditions named
untill the total surrender
even without a name to take.

As i learned to trancend
life and soul into wisdom virtue
and any kind to love.

As i learned to trancend,
and a carefull position to take
and to wait, for that ultimate chance
when all karma was relieved
gave all merct a man can find.

As when one asks
to share karma with another
what gems to loose.

As the answer is to look in the eyes
the one a ruby the other a diamond.
As the true love to await.

As the shores at eastern coast
told of diamonds to sell
told of diamonds to give.

As the hearts wish to tell
for everyone to see the silver mirror
and to see your soul in the others
eyes. as one say its a ruby the other
says its a diamond.

But just words to tell,
even when wisdom or soul is there.

The coast at eastern shores,
gave all wisdom even love to tell.

Higher Light

The small beam gave its radiance to the source of light.
As with the source of might it gave an orb the existence
as called by the name as without superior light.

As the small beam, energy entered the sphere and
was called as the light a name gave its right.

For light to give, might to take, right to grant
we granted the orb a special light.

As light given, might taken, and rights granted
the high race, the high one, the high reality.
We all granted the purpose as seen by light.

We granted a solar orb the vision of an
orange light. the Creator give its size
and the size of white and silver moonlight,
more than just a word or heart to give.

As we granted the solar orb the existence
of all souls and spirits, we call apart,
as all have names depicting their form,
as parents call their name and give their form.

As the solar orb the example of a round sphere
given with orange light, as the moon a white orb,
we calculated the earth a blue and green vision
as we tell all sizes and words as given from apart.

As the higher light, we call experience our
personal reality, and the supreme reality
as more than orange and the blue green orb
as given by the measure of daylight.

As higher light, we grant the purpose and goal
as seen in all living beings, living souls,
more than just love to tell, wisdom to give,
and more than light in the soul, as we give place
as dreams given by vision, words, art and lines
more than light as higher light a part.

As the orange orb grants by solar light
and the happiness a soul seeks just for the
home and new place every human finds.

As to find the orb, as to find the other orb
as being part of a higher vision,
as personal and supreme reality gives us
solar light, as supreme light tell for
the beings all to give life as a vision
as a purpose seen in all spirits
we call it a light and dream in reality
being part of the higher reality
as just a word to point, and a measure
to feelings just for the day apart.

Light of Prayer as hearts boons

The granter of many boons,
as the orb of jewelry and
the stones of high beauty.

The granter of boons,
as religions foretelss.
their judgment of the
wishes living hearts
as daylight prayer intervenes.

The granter of boons,
as religion granting
the source of prayer
as words as whispers
in relaity do tell.

The granter of boons,
as the orb of orange in the air,
as the ruby red of immortal love
and the cross as an old hero
granting his sacrifice
to forgive.

The granter of boons,
many wishes in the heart
were told to all sages
and saints, angels
as gods and goddesses do tell.

The granter of boons,
the rainbow granted
softness at the good or evil side.
as a soft relationship
all people do seek and do tell.

The granter of boons,
as crystals clear
to give wisdom its disguise
as its words and whispers
a lonely heart do tell.

The granter of boons,
as daylight enters the inner room
just to seek justice to
suffer never in reality told.

The granter of boons,
all religions do by prayer tell.
more than a bond with invisible
gods do as angels care
the society as they do tell.

The granter of boons,
i seek the source
of hoyl life,
as self restraint,
as a virtue choosen
and a life in service,
as more than a hearts wish.
they give as eternity tells.

The granter of boons,
i looked and peered in
a glass orb,
and my mind did tell
all previsions as
the people saw and waited
to appear.

The granter of boons,
as a meditation
and a living prayer,
without any wishes
as devotion gave light
to a service day and months
and years go by.
as my soul the omnipresence

the granter of boons
one seeks a religion
and asks mercy protection
grace and all special
wishses as all hearts in
daylight do tell.

Divine ultimate reality

As we call light the source of the soul.
As we call sound the source of meaning.
As we call names the source of creatures.
As we call form the source of action.

Living in daylight as the soul enters
their sphere of hearts.

Living in time as the soul
enters meaning of life.

Living in service to
society, religion, virtue
or the choosen quest.

Living in society for the persuit
of the quest for either happiness,
a goal, or the combination
of both people and their interest.

As we live as we ever in reality
we call the sacred name that
ultimate principle.
We seek its name and concept.

As we live ever in reality,
as our feelings point to
our position in society.

As we live ever in reality,
as the difference of our
choosen wishes, and the
will power to adapt to our

As we live ever in reality,
we choose to be part
of higher order.
As Society, Religion calls.

As we live ever in reality
as the ship sails where
the choice is made for
a goal and quest.

As we live ever in reality,
We grant our income to
the wishes of our beloved ones.

As we live in reality,
we find a name and concept
for our most important
meaning as our heart shows.

As we live in reality,
we count time, we count space,
we count location, and we count
our selfimage.

As we live in reality,
we exist in cooperation
to others, and others to us.

As we live in reality,
we count our existence
as the value added
to our society,
and in respect to our
beloved ones.

As we live in reality,
all choices in life
as a string of pearls.
We all dive the oceans
to gain that grand purpose.

As we live in reality,
as the choosen life
and rewarded afterwards.
We call heaven, the good place
the counted karma, or
any vision in our heart
of that judgement.

High order of Light

Bound by a holy name
we all give existence
higher meaning

Bound by service we work
for the reward without name

Bound by service we work
without conditions
as our heart and soul
with full load chooses

bound by a holy name
we choose religion as
a name to surrender to
as eternity tells.

Bound by a holy name
all messages and stories
myths and gospels
all choosen to serve

This higher order
is known by light
at earth we live
with solar light
to keep soul spirit
and awareness as joy
in youth and faith
in life.

This higher order
choosen by the languages
in all times spoken
every citizen, human,
and all creatures able
to speak.

High order of light
we choose to serve
as period and days
months and years
rewards in heaven
when life counts.

High order of light
countend and measured
we keep as servitude
calls for position
as trusting and fate
in the hands of higher

High order of light
we choose obedience
and attain the purpose
of obedience in a holy name.

High order of light
all our sacrifice of time
of work and every kind
all is rewarded when
bound to the name we choose

High order of light
holy names choose the path
as all creatures walk,
as spirit soul and heart
the eternity counts.

The border of words

The border of freedom is bound
by the intent of those having insight

The border of plight is bound
by the sight of those leading society

The border of wisdom is bound
by the study and revelation

The border of feeling is bound
by those with heart

The border of thought is bound
by the power of reality

The border of goverment is bound
by the interest of the population

The border of society is bound
by those firm and weak

The border of heaven is bound
by the gods and revelation

The border of earth is bound
by the mother goddess

The border of male is bound
by force

The border of female is bound
by their service

The border of rainbow is bound
by softness

The border of the dark is bound
by law and order

The border of light is bound
by awareness

The border of law is bound
by those seeking justice

The border of order is bound
by those having societal service

The border of high life is bound
by continious effort.

The border of high gods is bound
by prayer, service, and education

Grounds of Treasury

The feeling layer as being filled with
the knowledge and insights even adding
to life without prescribed methods.

The feeling layer as being guided
even with the methods learned by heart

The feeling layer a different kind
of attending life and its means.

The feeling layer in the sphere of
the heart and the reality perceivement

the feeling layer as the words not spokem
but meaning as if its the story of
the situatiional awareness

the feeling layer as the heart sphere
yet with full knowledge of both
life, living, and the moment.

The feeling layer one has to be
connected to have its effect.

The feeling layer as the spoken
kind of intents as even the bond
with the mother goddess,
be it earth, be it goddess
be it a relaity principle.

The feeling layer,
the words spoken in feelings
or the use of verbal intuition
as signal and as sign.

The feeling layer
in the heart one hears
the inner intent or
prescribed argument of others
as well situations.

The feeling layer
as reality is important
builds up its connection
bond and usuage.

The feeling layer
even meditation uses
the kind of information
how karma is relieved
above human intellectual

The feeling layer
as without gender without
any conditions named

The feeling layer
meditation contemplation
as methods in life sphere.

The feeling layer
to attend even youth
to attend even old

The orb of dynamic reality

We grant as the law of karma
as all beings share the
reward of goodness and the penalty
at the dark side or evil intents.

We grant the sacred law
as all beings share
in the mercy, surrendering
and acceptation at a religion
or the higher good order
as all gods, angels and sages
are part.

We grant the holy law
as the ultimate goal
is to be connected
to a religion
by the favor of one
of the virtues.

We grant the holy law,
als gods prescribe
their favors
as their entrance
as their palace
grants it prosperity

We grant the holy law
as religion prescribes
the devotion
and the works in their
interest of service

We grant the holy law,
as all religions
attend their mercy
as worlds and ages
follow the guidelines
as language gives
its lines.

We grant the holy law
as law is under conditions
to all the same, as manner
as ordeal and possible life.

We grant the holy law,
may all gods serve the divine
and may all sages being experienced
by the call of their prayer
service and the high light
pervading the soul.

We grant the holy law
as sages learned and scholared
share their insight, wisdom
and their feelings about
this high source.

We grant the holy law
may all search their goal
their purpose life,
living, existence and their
daily experience.

We grant the holy law,
at the good side we serve
light, order, wisdom, virtue
and religion.

We grant the holy law,
may all sages and service
be protected.

We grant the holy law,
as we search and seek
the goal of eternity.

We grant the holy law,
as we serve gods,
and in service to religion.

We grant the holy law,
constitution in all places,
grant the world religions,
as native languages prescribe.

Anchor of Time and its radiance

As time,
we have the life granted,
either by its service karma
or the divine choice

As time,
we learn its meaning by study
as our free time grants its possibilty

As time,
we work or are obliged societal
to have its costprice
as some tell higher meaning

As time,
we take our chances in the good period
of life, as its power and comprehension.

As time,
living contemplation
unifying reality
its bond eternal

As time,
order in realty,
grasped by its
mystic power
having gods and all symbols
taking part of its work

As time,
labor is rewarded,
without salary counts its karma

As time,
education always confirms
by the rise of intelligence
as all and every period proofs.

As time,
before its obligation
choose an eternal goal
for its moments purpose

As time,
Giving lifepartner and children
by prayer as choice to remember

As time,
all religions have the path
either by organisation and vow
or by the unseen guidance
as the gods from heaven give and grant.

As time,
i sacrificed even the feeling of happiness
to grant others some rest or karma of energy

As time,
I sacrificed possible sources to enjoy life
but yet its obligation gavev its reward

As time,
In he eveneing and night of life
we experience all things we did
not accept or live through
we accept daylight and its
burder or happiness

As time,
the soul and its education
is at free will and the desire
of all lessons as all knowledge
written or spoken counts inward.

As time,
i had my life for the interest
divine will guided its path

As time,
a small token of friendship
as the invisible pathway as
each life has uncommon and seldom
moments to give its golden choice

As time,
in the moment i grew,
and in reality i learned
coping all experiences.

As time,
my heart was being educated
even all existence and lives
were with the profit of its
reward of knowledge

As time,
i had my intelligence
in my inward source,
not depening any kinds of
technology or uses.

As time,
within time we only
have its meaning
at consent of time itself.

As time,
within reality
we learn to cope as
all beings confirm in life.

Symbols of ancient past

We all share the heart of life
as we live from day to day
as the intuition calls for its conscience

We live as with our heart,
and a small feeling a shadow,
or just a glance,
a glinstrer.

intuition as the key
without its form, language
or a visible pointer

as the eye of ancient
forefathers, and ancestors.
in our blood we feel
their interest.

Intuition, we share its
kind of symbols
as we study we see all its
visible marks a language
educated at the border,
and the small bridge of life

Spending in the moment
to learn our feelings
to solve thre shadow to light
and to experience our
deep intelligence
as our heart and feelings
doe have their own kind.

Spending our moment
our heart, our intuition
a kind of intelligence
as the high sages very old
they said to make that
line of silver light
as a small beam
wisdom in the soul
as wisdom in the spirit.

The symbols in our blood
and our heart, our feelings
as blood our personality of the body.
as conscience is the bond
with the omniscience of the Lord
of religion.

Threefold as karma interdicts

As we perceive reality,
as we have our intents and our knowledge
about our position in life.

As we perceive reality
in our comprehension
of our task, obligation
or our choice of life

As we perceive reality,
as we in our perceivement
have our interest as
the daily task or part
of our living.

Reality grants us
the life on earth
withou our beloved ones,
our labor as obligation
and our chances for having
happiness as the goal
whichever form or words we choose.

Reality grants us
the knowledge about
order, about hierarchy,
but as well n=knowledge about
our personsl existence,
if we share our beliefs with
others or hold them in our heart.

Reality grants us
the knowledge of higher order
as our ociety is part of the world
as the world part of the universe
and part of reality.

As higher order in religion
hold the names of the godheads
their mercy, their rules,
but as well the understanding
of life in higher view.

As reality grants us the power
to discern reality with time
as its basis.

As reality tells us
that law is for all humans
as with its interest
of freedom, protection
and the possibilty
of living.

As reality gives all people
the chance to have life questions,
and to search for their own

As reality grants us

the view on life
with all life themes

as being part of reality
and karma as its law
of good actions and
the penalty of law
for having evil.

As being part of reality
and the use of good actions
to grow, to become wealthy
and to have higher chances

As being part of reality,
as karma growing is in view
to law, to rightiousness
and to religion.

As one with good deeds,
is in view to reality
as higher order
is relgion with its
means of angels, gods
and the use of prayer

As good actions in view
of religion
is visible at first
to he omnipresence
and omniscience of religion.v

As when part of reality
and goodness by religion
visible, is rewarded as
karma counts, and rewarded
by religion.

as angels work for the lord
having the will inside
and yet working for order and society.

and as hindu gods work
and see the sacrifices
and even accept without their
seen intervention

As reality and karma counts
and religion is first noticing
all good actions and sacrifices.